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3Rx specializes in showing you how to embrace advanced testing in your practice, testing such as PGx, Toxicology, Blood Wellness, RPP, Cancer and Hereditary Cancer to name a few, in a compliant and transparent manner.

Advanced Testing

Pharmacogenomics Testing promises better, safer and more affordable healthcare. It is the start of Advanced Testing as we know it.  Join 3Rx in embracing what advanced testing offers for your you and your patients.
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Our integrated platform includes numerous ancillary products that help physician practices personalize medicine with the goal of producing better patient outcomes that drive revenue through the use of preventative assessments.
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A pharmacist’s unique role is in ensuring the safe, effective, and appropriate use of medications and is an essential piece in improving health outcomes in all patients.
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3Rx offers fully customizable technology and science at absolutely no cost to you, which includes demos and training. This all-inclusive software was designed to save you time.
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3Rx is an industry leader in offering Advanced Testing and Technology. With our services, our physician partners are able to deliver quality care with better outcomes in a hospital setting.
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Developing the MSO takes a great deal of hard work, planning and communication by experienced teams who are comfortable in implementing successful physician practice management services.
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ACO’s model of fostering clinical excellence while controlling costs depends on its ability to incentivize hospitals, physicians, and other providers involved to form and coordinate care.
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US Trademark

3Rx offers a specialized United States Trademarked protocol that streamlines patient education while virtually eliminating the chance of a malpractice suit due to adverse drug reactions to save you time and cover all your bases.