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With the completion of the Genome Project in 2003, a new and exciting World of Genetics was introduced to benefit the medical community in ways that have only been recently discovered. The most promising of them all, called Pharmacogenomics (PGx), is often considered “The Great New Wave” in medicine, promising better, safer and more affordable healthcare.

  • What is the Process?

  • How Much Does it Cost?

  • Is it Covered by Insurance?

  • Can it Be Done Without Disrupting My Practice?

These are just some of the questions that have stopped many in your field from pursuing drug-gene testing… until now.


Our Offerings

3Rx is dedicated to improving the overall performance of hospital environments and strengthening their position with their communities by simultaneously reducing costs and improving patient care.
3Rx believes that the Pharmacists are the logical information nexus to bring together information on patient health, medications being taken or considered, and potential genetic interaction with those medications.
3Rx understands that the Medicate, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s), and most private commercial insurance plans have embraced preventative and precision medicine within comprehensive wellness programs.
3Rx understand the time constraints doctors have in most practices we deal with in the country and wanted to make things easier for you improving quality patient care, increasing your profitability and reducing the practice’s liability.
3Rx knows with the completion of the Human Genome project in 2003, the medical community is just realizing the benefits of advanced testing. Our time tested, cutting edge advanced testing is 2nd to none in PGx, Blood, RPP, Cancer, Toxicology and more.
3Rx understands the time constraints doctors have in most practices we deal with in the country and wanted to make things easier for you. To do this, we share the benefits of using our US Trademark called “PAST” Protocol ®.

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When Average is No Longer Acceptable

Since the beginning of time, the Power of 3 has continued to be an important part of the best of what history’s successes has to offer. At 3Rx, we show you how to harness the use of this amazing tool to improve all aspects of your business.

Whether you are a physician, pharmacy, hospital or other professional in the healthcare industry, one thing you all have in common, is the desire to be the best at what you do. Our team of business professionals utilizes more than 50 years of entrepreneurial experience to ensure you reach this goal.

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``Saving Lives One Test at a Time``

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No Other Company can offer such a dynamic range of advanced testing solutions and services, that combines our Liability Protection, Software Integration and Revenue-Generation, simply by YOU providing better patient care.