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“PAST” Protocol

Too often in the world of medicine, there is a “one size fits all” mentality that is far too common, especially being a provider in a nation where ethnicity and genetics play a significant role in that individual’s progress. If a patient has a cold, they may seek over the counter medicine. If combined with viral, you prescribe some sort of antibiotic based on their allergy indications, if known.  However, when dealing with onset cardiac or endocrine issues, it is beneficial to know about these issues in advance in order to make the best decision for your patient. Medication variations do vary among all of your patients.

In fact, most of the time what you prescribe is explained by an individual who took basic info spurred on by the large drug companies. These pharmaceutical reps are doing what they are minimally taught to teach your office on how to prescribe their products.  They give free samples, buy you lunch, give you gifts, maybe tickets to a game, whatever it takes to entice you to use their product. Such is business! Yet in a realm where quality patient care comes first, being uninformed is never good business.  What we don’t know are the various health concerns that may surface in other areas of the body that may also need another rep’s medication. We do not fault them for doing their job, but are they unknowingly putting your patient at extreme health risks that ultimately prolong proper treatment and potentially putting you at legal risk.

Clinical utilities should not be used AFTER the damage is done.  In fact, interpretations and implementations now have the ability to incorporate such evidence upon intake.  This ultimate foundation eliminates your liability and creates the most effective approach to personalized patient care.

With the FDA’s hard push of having Pharmacology conducted on ALL Prescription Drugs and Biological Products developed for Human consumption, this creates new Black Box labeling that without knowing, places the liability now on your lap to know what to do.

The reality is, if certain key steps are not taken, you have no way to determine if that particular medication or referral would have the desired effect or efficacy for that matter on each specific one of your patients that come through your door.

Remember when we dreamed as children, of becoming physicians?  Wasn’t that to save lives, earn an income, have a family and be a doctor?  

Embracing the “PAST” Protocol solves this problem. Standing for Personalized Approach to Systematic Testing, you will never have to wonder again if the medication you are intending to prescribe your patient, will in fact do what it is supposed to do for them.

We know that keeping a medical practice thriving is a constant dance. 2017 is bringing you changes in ICD-10, new CPT codes and of course a new round with MACRA and HIPAA just for starters.

Allow us to share our experience and expertise with your practice and show you “day one” how using the “PAST” protocol will provide honest results. Did you know, you can potentially increase your revenue as well, by acknowledging what you do day to day?


3Rx is the Nationwide Leader, who specializes in showing you how to embrace advanced testing in a Hospital environment, testing such as PGx, Toxicology, Blood Wellness, RPP, Cancer and Hereditary Cancer to name a few, in a compliant and transparent manner.   One which links ALL the players electronically.  The Hospital, Pharmacy, Labs, Physicians, Insurance Providers, you name it, all in one “NO COST” software platform where You Have all the tools needed to manage, monitor and distribute based upon your Hospitals needs.

Whether you are doing advanced testing now, or wish to add this valuable service, you owe it to yourself to schedule a live Demo of how it all works.

Cost to Schedule Demo Zero, The Benefit to You Priceless!

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Cost to Schedule Demo Zero, The Benefit to You Priceless!

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