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Patient Testimonials

Walter & Julie S., Georgia

My wife and I were to be first time parents.  As excited as we were, there was much apprehension about having a baby.  My wife sat down with her doctor to share her concerns and her doctor told her about this genetics test that screens… read more

Janet W., Texas

My husband takes many medications for his many medical issues and nothing seems to work right.  He has all kinds of bad reactions from taking his medications.  I used to tell him honey, you are not as young as you used to be.  He did… read more

Susan P., Florida

I had my son genetics tested and found out he had an ultra-rapid gene defect known as CYC2D6.  A month ago, I would not have known what that was or how it would affect my son.  This particular gene mutation would make traditional medicine such… read more

Provider Testimonials

Dr. M., North Carolina

I have had an internal medicine practice for over 20 years and try our best to stay on top of the newest medical improvements available to better serve our patients.  One of these advancements has been something called Pharmacogenomics, a simple test covered by most insurance that helps to determine… read more

Dr. J., Florida

I was introduced to 3Rx earlier this year by a colleague of mine who had been doing several very interesting advanced testing protocols that he was extremely happy with.  He gave me their information and I reached out to the 3Rx consultant my colleague was using to find out more.… read more

Dr. P, Georgia

I was introduced to 3Rx and their advanced testing from an interesting video I received from one of their consultants. It really sparked my curiosity to find out more on how I could offer these services for my practice. I was impressed to find out there was no cost to… read more

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