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Defining Precision Medicine

Advances in today’s medicine have seen growth unlike anything that has happened in the last 100 years. Molecular testing is just one aspect of this growth.  Yet maintaining being a leader in this space is another challenge.

For instance, in the world of Polymer Chain Reaction (PCR) Biofire, is the most widely used (PCR) machine out there, yet today, Quant Studio 12K Flex is the top of the line Real-time PCR Machine available.                

The Finer Points

  • Sensitivity

    The Sensitivity of Biofire is 80% (8 out of 10 patient results are correct).
    The sensitivity of Quant Studio is 99%.

  • Custom Test Panel

    Biofire has a fixed test panel. There is no way to change the panel. Even if one pathogen is ordered, the entire panel has to be run to obtain the result. The Quant Studio Test panel can be matched to the request.

  • Accurate & Scalable

    The pathogen test results are a lot more accurate in Quant Studio because the camera is more advanced than the Biofire camera.

    The Quant Studio is scalable. 200 patients can be tested in one hour using the open array plates (12,000 PCR tests). Biofire can only screen 16 patients and perform 30 PCR tests per hour.

  • Quality Results

    Biofire is FDA Cleared and does not undergo further proficiency testing. The Quant Studio panel is blind tested with proficiency testing every 6 months so that quality can be maintained.

  • Higher Standard of Operation

    Biofire requires operators with only a 7th grade education level. The Quant Studio requires operators with Ph.D., MS or BS and a Molecular Biology license.

  • Limitless Panels

    Biofire has very limited test panels (~30 pathogens). The Quant Studio test panels can be customized and test hundreds of pathogens.

What Makes Us Unique?

"There' a Better Way to Do It - Find It." - Thomas Edison

Every person’s DNA is comprised of thousands of genes. However, our individuality doesn’t necessarily come from our genes as much as HOW they are sequenced together.

There are various labs in the market that utilize advanced molecular diagnostics. The instrumentation is not as unique as how and by whom it is used.

Our Partners work was founded on research and the core technology of primer synthesis. This means that we make all of our primers and probes in house. This gives us the unique ability to develop assays to bring new tests to market quickly. We can also respond to the growing demand in the market rather than be confined to the limited primers that have been put on the shelf by large manufacturers.

What is a Primer and How is it Used in PCR?

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