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3Rx is an industry leader in offering Advanced Testing and Technology. With our services, our physician partners are able to focus on delivering quality patient care and creating an ideal patient experience in a hospital environment. Our team, with over 50 years of entrepreneurial experience.

By connecting you to our ancillary services, we can increase your revenues and address your patients’ needs to offer cutting edge clinical and diagnostic test advancements. Our dedicated and experienced strategic partners and subsidiaries are ready to serve your management needs.

What We Offer

3Rx offers IT and lab services with results-driven solutions connecting providers like you to clinical and diagnostic laboratory services from a single portal. We are designed to make a compelling impact on patient care and hospital financial stability.

These customized solutions are designed to address the changing demands of healthcare with our full range of lab services. Our comprehensive business model allows practices to focus more on patient care while your patients benefit from our flexible and convenient services.



3Rx is the Nationwide Leader, who specializes in showing you how to embrace advanced testing in a Hospital environment, testing such as PGx, Toxicology, Blood Wellness, RPP, Cancer and Hereditary Cancer to name a few, in a compliant and transparent manner.   One which links ALL the players electronically.  The Hospital, Pharmacy, Labs, Physicians, Insurance Providers, you name it, all in one “NO COST” software platform where You Have all the tools needed to manage, monitor and distribute based upon your Hospitals needs.

Whether you are doing advanced testing now, or wish to add this valuable service, you owe it to yourself to schedule a live Demo of how it all works.

Cost to Schedule Demo Zero, The Benefit to You Priceless!

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Cost to Schedule Demo Zero, The Benefit to You Priceless!