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For Human Resources

For those of you who desire to deliver the best available solutions in support of your employees and their well being, this is just for you!

  • Who are the right employees to test?
  • How many are on drugs that they shouldn’t be taking together?
  • How many are at risk of slipping and falling?
  • How much money are we wasting?

Population Data Analytics

(CHIP) provides a big picture view of risks and potential ROI across a population of employees within your company.

Using claims or health record data provided by you, (CHIP) creates concise visuals that can be used prior to selecting to opt in to Pharmacogenomic testing. (CHIP) also provides the ability to then assess testing outcomes in real time.

Available Insights


  • Population Expenditures
  • Return on Investment
  • Potential Genetic Risks
  • Drug Interaction Risks
  • Age-Related Toxicity Issues
  • Anticholinergic Burden
  • FDA Black Box Warnings
  • Lifestyle Risks
  • Pregnancy/Lactation Risks
  • And More!

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