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What We Do For You

3Rx offers a myriad of cutting edge offerings for Pharmacies, Hospital-based and Office-based physician practices nationwide. Advocating a “personalized approach to patient care”.

We work hand-in-hand with specialty practices to help them improve their standard of care. By utilizing our US Trademarked, advanced testing protocols, proprietary algorithms and cost-reducing stratgies and remuneration models.

We create added revenue for the practice (without increasing patient workload or costs). Simply put, we provide:

“Quality, Compliance, Revenue, and Liability Protection.”

via: HIPAA Compliant Tech Solutions including MACRA.

How We Can Help

Advanced testing is becoming more accessible to the public at large. We are here to expand upon that mission. We match patients and the genetic tests they are interested in with doctors who can perform them. Go to the Contact Us Section, let us know which test you want to take, and we will match you with a doctor in your area.

If there are no doctors in your area who perform the test you are interested in or you simply just feel more comfortable with your own doctor, that’s no problem! We will contact your doctor on your behalf and inquire about them performing the test for you.

Let 3Rx help improve your quality of life.

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Our Guarantee to You

No Other Company can offer such a dynamic range of advanced testing solutions and services, that combines our Liability Protection, Software Integration and Revenue-Generation, simply by YOU providing better patient care.

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